Attorney Generals Are Taking Action to Protect Consumers During Coronavirus Pandemic

Attorneys general are warning consumers to beware of scams and price gouging associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Unfortunately, crises like this often bring out scam artists hoping to take advantage of people’s fears and concerns.  Attorneys general enforce consumer protection laws that prohibit scams.  Many attorneys general also enforce statutes prohibiting price gouging. Price gouging refers to sellers trying to take unfair advantage of consumers during an emergency or disaster by greatly increasing prices for essential consumer goods and services.  Laws on price gouging vary depending on where you live. To report price gouging concerns, click on the button below.

Below are some of the actions being taken by Attorneys General to protect consumers.

Attorney General Actions

Law Enforcement Actions

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt issued a temporary restraining order against “The Jim Bakker Show” to stop their sale of “Silver Solution” as a treatment for COVID-19.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody issued more than 40 subpoenas against third-party sellers over allegations of price gouging. 

Cease and Desist Letters

District of Columbia Attorney General Issues Cease and Desist Letters to Stores and Online Retailers to Stop Price Gouging

Michigan Attorney General Issues Cease and Desist Letter to Health Care Supplier Over Price Gouging

Michigan Attorney General Issues Cease and Desist Letter to Businesses Selling Fake Coronavirus Patches

Michigan Attorney General Issues Cease and Desist Letter to Menard’s

Michigan Attorney General Issues Cease and Desist Letter to A.M. Cleaning & Supplies (March 30, 2020 Update: Attorney General Takes Further Action)

Missouri Attorney General Issues Cease and Desist Letter to Man Selling N95 Face Masks

New York Attorney General Orders Allyn Wayne Root to Stop Selling Fake Coronavirus Treatments

New York Attorney General Orders Alex Jones to Stop Selling Fake Coronavirus Treatments

New York Attorney General Orders Companies to Stop Selling Fake Coronavirus Treatments

Letters to Online Sellers Urging Help in Fighting Price Gouging

Attorneys General are urging online sales platforms Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, and Walmart to take action to stop price gouging and work with state and territorial attorneys general to enforce price gouging laws during the coronavirus pandemic.  Copies of these letters are available through the link below.

Link to letters

Attorney General Consumer Alerts and Press Releases

District of Columbia

Consumer Alert: Protecting Seniors

Enforcement of Emergency Protections

Consumer Alert (March 12, 2020)

Consumer Alert (February 28, 2020)





Consumer Alert: COVID-19-Related Medicare/Medicaid Scams

Consumer Alert: Federal Stimulus Scam

Assigns Special Agents to Price Gouging Investigations

Consumer Alert: Phishing Scams

Consumer Alert: Spoofing Health Department Phone Numbers Seeking Medicaid, Medicare Information

Action Taken Against EBay

Warning Against Businesses

Other Efforts to Fight Price Gouging

Price Gouging Hotline


New Hampshire

Scam Warning: Charities

New Jersey

Attorney General Announces COVID-19 Fraud Task Force

Attorney General Announces New Rules to Protect Seniors and Disabled During COVID-19

Consumer Tips: Avoiding Investment Scams

Warning Businesses Not to Price Gouge

Warning to Retailers

Actions Against Price Gouging and Fraud

Actions Against Scams and Price Gouging

New York

Scam Warning: Federal COVID-19 Relief

New York Leads 27 Attorneys General Urging Relief for Federal Student Loan Borrowers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Scam Warning

Tips for Consumers

Warning Against Price Gouging


Scam Warning: Stimulus Check Scams

Consumer Alert: Attorney General’s Military Program Continues Services During COVID-19

Scam Warning

Update on Efforts to Monitor for Scams

North Dakota

South Carolina

Consumer Alert: COVID-19 Investment Schemes

Price Gouging Law in Effect

South Dakota

West Virginia


Consumer Alert: COVID-19 Scams

Scam Warning: Charities

Consumer Alert: Know Your Rights Regarding Price Gouging

Scams and Price Gouging Warning

Price Gouging Statutes By State